Modern Khaki basket suit

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Earthy hues create two-tone beauty in this naturally-dyed, hand woven basket set of three.
Handwoven by women's co-operatives, these beautiful storage baskets for the home are made using traditional techniques, that have been passed down through generations from Grandmother to Granddaughter. Each basket sold directly supports the women that make them.
They make perfect storage baskets for all over the home - beautiful fruit baskets and desk tidies, and can be used as both small and large planters, and our largest size is perfect as a laundry basket.
Sold as a set of three - see thumbnail below.
Dimensions (approx):
Small: -
Diameter: 13cm
Height: 13cm
Medium -
Diameter: 23cm
Height: 23cm
Large -
Diameter: 33cm
Height: 33cm

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