Gorgeous gradient Tibetan sheepskin mat


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Soothe the senses and indulge yourself with our Tibetan sheepskin cushion in gorgeous arctic ombre - a spectacularly soft addition to your sofa or bedroom
Filled with a natural feather cushion inner, the sumptuous sheepskin cushion has faux suede on the back, which is almost as soft as the front!Tibetan sheepskin is unique: it's longer, finer and even softer than other sheepskin options, and feels more luxurious.
The arctic ombre option has an irresistible effect, with darker roots and lighter tips.Add this cushion to a dining chair, sofa or to your bed for a divinely soft pick-me-up.
Colours appear subtly different on various screens, so please contact us if you require any clarification and we’ll be happy to help.
Front: 100% Natural Long Wool Tibetan Sheepskin
Cushion Back: Suedette with zip.
Inner Pad - Feather.
Dimensions: 40cmx40cm

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