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Created by one of the most experienced members of the women’s weaving cooperatives in the rural Eastern Region of Kenya, this limited edition, versatile laundry hamper is hand woven from local sisal fibres.
The stiff leaves of this fibrous shrub are harvested, rolled and dyed by hand before six days of weaving begins. Each laundry basket takes forty balls of sisal to complete, whilst two expert leather workers (known locally as ‘fundi’) produce the leather trim and handles.
Deep and strong enough for storing logs by the fireplace yet equally soft and supple enough for bathroom or nursery storage, this versatile laundry basket can be put to use all over the home as your needs change.
Our woven laundry baskets each tell an important story about collaboration and sustainable living. By owning any of our woven baskets you become part of this narrative, directly supporting the weavers in becoming less dependent on the unpredictable nature of self-sufficiency farming.
A truly covetable piece.
Material: sisal and leather
Diameter: 40cm
Height: 40cm

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