Fashion glass can with black lid

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If the last few years have brought anything, it’s the message that we need to be living more sustainably, with less plastic and less waste.
Many food stores now feature refill stations for groceries and plenty of planet-friendly household goods.The message is simple: bring your own containers, weigh the produce you want, and only pay for what you need. This cuts out waste, because you don’t have to over-buy, and removes the need for plastic bags and other excess packaging.
Plus, you don’t have to decant your shop when you get home – your stylish glass jars can go directly on the kitchen shelf!
Care instructions: The glass jars are dishwasher safe, however the lids are hand wash only.
Materials: glass and metal
Small -
Length: 10.5cm
Width: 10.5cm
Height: 10.5cm
Volume: 450ml
Medium -
Length: 10.5cm
Width: 10.5cm
Height: 13.5cm
Volume: 700ml
Large -
Length: 10.5cm
Width: 10.5cm
Height: 19.5cm
Volume: 1200ml

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