12.4kg hand forged wooden iron stack


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A stunning alternative to standard log baskets, this wrought iron log stack is a statement piece for your living room, and entirely hand-forged by an artisan blacksmith.
Take inspiration from Scandinavian living and keep your hearth well-stocked throughout the winter months. A well-tended fire is absolutely essential to a cosy and warm home, and we wouldn't be without iconic firewood storage to help us through!
This iron log stack is a really captivating way to store logs and kindling. No two pieces are exactly the same, with incredible detail like the iron knots at the top and the unique curved shape at the bottom. Though it's eye-catching, the tall and narrow shape lends itself to small spaces as well as larger rooms.
Material: wrought iron
Dimensions: Approx.
Length: 33cm
Width: 22cm
Height: 79cm
Weight: approx. 12.4KG
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